“Multi-platform Notes/ToDo App, made specifically for people with ADD/ADHD to Get Sh*t Done!”

Dear ADD/ADHD community,

My name is Quang Van, and 4 years ago I discovered a book called “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. This book promised I’ll have Stress-free Productivity. I loved it.

I love brain-dumping, and file-folders, tickler files. I love writing down all my thoughts to have mind-like water.

Only problem was, I had too many thoughts. I have too many ideas. I often leave my todo list app overwhelmed with items. So much so that the software/app I’ve been using, became unusable.

Also another annoying thing was that most ToDo list apps, don’t have a built-in information/knowledge manager. So when I do the brain-dump, I will have to copy & paste the notes (or todos) to a separate app.

Ahh! I thought this was lame.

Can’t an App have both NOTES as well as TODOS?

Can an App, be built, just for me, a personal who is self-diagnosed ADD … and App that I will never outgrow?

I’ve been working & thinking about this problem for the last 4 years… and I think I am close to figuring it out.

My vision:

  • Journal – Brain-Dump Notes & ToDos.
  • Unlimited Nested Notebooks – nuff said.
  • Organization Version Control – so you can organize your notes/notebooks to your hearts content.


Previous version:

Current version: (needs more features)

Help me build out more features and validate this Dream Notes/Todo list app.

Let’s chat.
Thanks in advance.

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